Tuition Summer 2020

Summer 2020 tuition is $200 per family for 8 weeks for classes offered online.

There are two enrollment options. It is not necessary to register for both options if you wish to enroll in a Zoom class.

OPTION 1 Zoom & Facebook

Enrollment in one 30-minute Zoom class includes unlimited access, to our private Facebook group, 5 days a week, 20 minutes per day, Monday through Friday. Classes listed below.

Zoom class size will be limited to 12-15 families/devices.  A minimum enrollment of 6 families is needed to run a Zoom class.

Zoom classes are not recorded and recording by families is prohibited in order to protect privacy.

Enrollment in more than one Zoom class may be possible if space permits.

OPTION 2 Facebook Only

Enrollment in live FACEBOOK ONLY classes on our private Facebook group, 5 days a week, seven classtimes, 20 minutes per class, Monday through Friday.  This option is for families who prefer not to enroll in Zoom classes. Facebook classes will be archived on Facebook for the duration of summer classes.   This option does not include classes on Zoom. 


•  Unlimited access to Facebook classes, 5 days a week, 20 minutes per day, Monday through Friday.
• A chance to see and sing with all our amazing teachers.
•  Parent education information to support the musical journey of your family. 
•  The award-winning Music Together® Kazoo Songbook/CD and code to access to the Family Music Zone on and the Hello Everybody smartphone App.


Mon. 10 am - Jessica

Tues. 10 am - Cath

Tues. 6 pm - Rose

Wed. 10 am - Ellen

Thu.  4:30 pm - Nancy

Fri.  10 am - Elizabeth

Fri. 4:30 pm - Sara

Please note: Our classes are a package. Our license does not permit the sale of codes or songbooks without enrollment.