A Mixed Age Approach

Music Together® is a family experience, much like a picnic!

•  Infant siblings under the age of 8 months at the time of registration are always free to attend with a paid sibling.  

•  All adult family members are always free and welcome to attend class!

All our classes are mixed age. Because our expectation is that the parent will participate, not the child, research tells is this is the most developmentally appropriate learning environment for children birth through 5. Children birth through 5 are at varying levels of musical development and so participate or not in class as they choose. Classes that group children according to their age tend to create expectations as to where the child "should be" developmentally and do not consider their actual level of music development.

Listening to the current MT song collection, outside of class is an extremely important part of the process. Once the songs become familiar the children will often participate at whatever level is appropriate. We have found that the age differences of children in class tends to matter more to the adults than to the children. In fact older children tend to enjoy "teaching" or modeling for the younger ones and the younger children learn from watching the older ones. Also, an older child will often decide, once they feel comfortable, that they are ready to suggest activities or verses for songs. This only happens when there is repeated, fun listening and sing of the MT music at home.